Amazing Trip To Amami Island – Mangrove Kayaking, Fishing, Passion Fruits Farm

So, as I planned, I was going to use a substitute driver service, but Mr.W had already called it for me. The driver was waiting for me in front of the house. I gave my big thanks to everyone in the house and left.

It seemed that the driver was one of the family members of Ms.Y. and the driver thought I was also a close friend of the family, so he offered to take me around the island the next day.  I had plans to go to Mangrove Kayaking and snorkeling, but because of the driver’s tour I only completed one of them, Mangrove Kayaking. While I really enjoyed the tour, there was a part of me that will always regret having missed the snorkeling opportunity.

The day after that, the driver, Mr.K, took me fishing and we caught 3 good sized fish! Then, he drove around the island to show me the local farms, including a  mango, a passion fruit and one where they raise goats. Then we visited a dye works of Oshima Tsumugi, a traditional kimono weaved and dyed in Amami. Then he took me to a river to catch some river shrimps.

It was an awesome experience which I couldn’t have done by myself.

Mr.K introduced me to many of his friends, so I got to know local people. The No.1 event among all of the stuff I experienced was the venom snakes called “Habu”. I’d heard of it and I knew what it was but it was the first time to see it up close.  Actually, there were literally “many” snakes in several cages.

Some of the Habu were coiled and ready to attack. The thrill of being so close to such a deadly reptile gave me a shiver up and down my spine.

To be continued….

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