Amazing Trip To Amami Island – Habu – a snake with lethal weapon


I had been regretting not going snorkeling during this trip, but, as it turns out, I was probably much better off.  Had I gone into the wild without all the knowledge I’ve learned about Habu, I could have found myself in a truly critical situation.

I have a tendency to go into the bush out of curiosity, but that’s where Habu usually hide themselves. When I went to one of the beaches in Izu, Shizuoka prefecture,  I remember there was a narrow footpath covered with trees and grasses before getting to the beach. I saw snakes from time to time, but they were harmless so I chased them for fun.

If I were in a similar situation in Amami, the level of the danger would be much higher encountering snakes, because Habu is not just a snake, it has a lethal weapon! Anyway, I am so relieved to have learned about them in advance!

Since then, my interests toward Habu has been growing bigger and bigger and I can’t stop searching out their information. But this isn’t the place to dwell on Habu, so let me get back my main point.

Mr.K, the driver, looked after me so much until my last day. I was going to drive to the airport myself, but he offered to give me a lift instead. He suggested that I return my rented car in the city, so I did. He took me to one of the well-known restaurants along the beach, and bought me an Amami delux lunch.

This restaurant is located in Kenmun village. “Kenmun” is said to be a spirit of water or a specter of Amami. I thought, maybe Mr.K was Kenmun itself since he kind of looked like it. My biggest worry about visiting Amami was that I would’ve gotten lonely, but I had a wonderful time from the beginning to the end. I seriously felt I was protected by the Spirit of Amami.

To be continued…



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