Amazing Trip To Amami Island – Chuzo Tamotsu was a world wanderer


I’ve been thinking about why Chuzo had left Japan and wandered around the world.In those days, it was very difficult to go to Tokyo from Amami for ordinary people, let alone going to a university in Tokyo which would’ve been even harder.

Chuzo’s family must have been quite wealthy, otherwise Chuzo himself couldn’t go to a university in Tokyo either. He was expected to graduate the university and return to Amami, but he quit soon after. So his family stopped sending him money. Chuzo had to get a part time job, mostly painting, to support his life in Tokyo. His nephew moved to Tokyo under the influence of his uncle, and started to live together.

The unusual aspect was that he stole a chunk of money that was supposed to be used for his nephew’s educational expenses.

Even this day, the educational expenses are so high and living in Tokyo is not easy for country persons. Thinking of those days, to make money in Tokyo was also difficult, so he must have stolen his nephew’s money when he lost control of himself momentarily and took off to Korea. Chuzo didn’t come back to Amami for 60 years one thing is because of the repentance.

When I left Japan, I had all the excitement and expectation for the unknown future. What was he thinking and feeling? I really would like to talk with him if he is alive.

To be continued…



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