Trip to Amami Island – It could be a religious gathering or something.


I mentioned earlier that I’m not used to driving, but I drove in France twice within a year, so my senses of driving came back a little after I held the steering wheel. Ms.Y drove in front of me and I followed her. It was further than I thought.

I started to feel a bit nervous when I realized we were driving in a mountain where there were no streetlights. I thought to myself “Hold on a second…where is she taking me? I don’t know her, or I barely know Ms. I or Mr.W. We just met in the plane and at the airport. They seem to be nice people but what do I know about them? Ms. I is a writer, and her cousin, Mr.W, I know nothing about. Ms.Y led us to his house deep into the mountains. I don’t know how many people will be there. Ms.I said it will be a BBQ party, but what kind of party? It could be a religious gathering or something that could put me in danger.”

All kinds of uneasy thoughts were circulating in my mind and I even thought about going back to my accommodation on the way. But at the same time, it would be so impolite if they are really nice people whose intentions is genuinely inviting me to a BBQ party. My nervousness became larger and larger, that’s when Ms.Y’s car stopped. I got out of my car, and I saw a huge house in front of me.

I again got so suspicious because the house was unbelievably big!! Ms.Y invited me into the house. There Ms.I was waiting for me. I never visited such a big house in my life. The furniture and the overall interiors were fabulous. I was invited to the dining room with a large dining table where Mr.W and his two uncles, Mr.H and Mr.H respectively were seated.

Ms.Y, Ms.I and I sat at the table where delicious French dishes have already been served with some expensive French wine. A lady who was in the kitchen asked me if I wanted to drink water. She was a family member of Mr.W who helped around with the cooking and serving of dinner.

I was the only stranger among 6 people at the table, plus the serving lady, so you can imagine how nervous I was.

The house has two spacious patios and both are facing the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, I could not see it since it was night. I could barely see the white wave, but when I looked up, I could see stars all over the sky. It was so bright that I could almost touch them.

I wish I had better eyesight, so I could take a better look at the beautiful things that surround me. Brothers Mr.H and Mr.H told me that they live in the house as a concierge. I can sense this house needs someone to take care of it!

When I looked out of the window, it startled me as I saw a human figure, hovering above the water of the pool. It turned out to be a mermaid sculpture, erected upon a small platform within the pool water.

What an amazing house!

To be continued…

BGM: Last Night by Strokes



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