Amazing Trip to Amami Island – It turned out to be a special place.


The French wine was so good with the dishes that I could drink as much as they offered. I started to feel relaxed as I got to know them. They were a group of family members, cousins and uncles. I sometimes didn’t understand them when they spoke the Amami dialect, but I guess they tried to speak standard Japanese so I could understand them.

Based on what they told me, Mr.W seemed to be a chairman of a massive company. He lives in Hong Kong and has a second house in Amami, his hometown. He graduated from some prestigious university in the U.S., and has traveled around the world. He said he is fluent in both English and Chinese. I asked him “How come you are fluent in Chinese?” Then I remembered that he said he lives Hong Kong.

I am usually a talker, but I was quiet this time because I was nervous. I was listening to what they were saying.  When Mr.W started to talk about the A.I. technology, it got my attention. He said that the most difficult thing in cutting-edge technology is to make A.I. to learn the fuzziness. Following is a reference from Wikipedia.

Fuzzy logic fails to scale well in knowledge bases; many AI researchers question the validity of chaining fuzzy-logic inferences.

Because computers are numerical. It judges everything either 0 or 1.
I was so shocked to hear it because this is the reason I was always having problems with my attitude within my working envionment.

To be continued…

BGM: High by Sir Sly



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