Amazing Trip to Amami Island – I was mentally down by working too much


My problem is that I work too hard until I burn out. It seems to be a permanent issue for me, so I made a huge decision to take a break from work.

I need ample time to think through what I want to do in my life. I literally felt like my internal power supply shut down when my boss told me to slow down.

Ever since, I could not go to my office anymore. Tears welled up as I got close my workplace and my emotions got messed up.

I felt my energy level has reached zero, or less than zero. Time-Out.

A month has passed. I still could not go to work. That’s when I received a text message from one of my friends from China. He was planning to come to Japan for sightseeing with his family.

This was why I suddenly flew to Kagoshima to see them.

To be continued…



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