Amazing Trip To Amami Island – I found the answer


After all, if being fuzzy is difficult even for A.I., then it must be wayyyyy difficult for me to be fuzzy as well.

Everybody was so nice to me. They gave me Amami brown sugar shochu with passion fruit in it. It was the first time I tried it. The passion fruit tasted sweet and sour. You eat the seeds which are wrapped in a yellowish jelly-like substance. Whilst I was loving my drink, Mr.W disappeared for a while and then returned with grilled steaks on a plate. The meat was succulent, tender and tasty. The red wine was perfect with the meat.

Later that night, Ms.I gave me a book of the painter she had mentioned earlier on the plane.  He is from Amami and spent most of his life in the U.S.. His paintings were hung in the house. She explained to me that his museum is being built just next to the house.

I looked out at where she pointed. There was a huge human-like figure glowing in the dark.

To be continued…



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後期高齢者の母にワードプレスを教えながら記事を書いて貰い、それを私が英訳しています。中国語版、フランス語版も作成予定なのでお楽しみに♪ 私自身も積極的に記事を書く予定です^^